FRC Robowarriors – Build Blog Day 4/5 (Wednesday, Thursday)

Week 1

Authored by Ishan Deshpande

Summary: Assembly of the GENERATOR SWITCH as well as wiring up and making our test robot functional. Also brainstormed a lot more as a team.

Description: Not much to be said here. Much brainstorming was accomplished with newer team members joining every day (as school started on Wednesday). Those who haven’t seen the game video were given a chance to learn all the intricacies of the game, and Wilmot gathered a few members and continued to build the GENERATOR SWITCH.

Some of the Robowarriors working on the collection mechanism (four-bar) prototype

The demo bot’s wiring was completed and Tank Drive using the 2020 WPILib code structure was tested to be fully functional. The rest of the team continued to expand on our existing prototypes and brainstorm new ideas.

Final touches on the GENERATOR SWITCH assembly
Rushil Patange showing the Robowarriors a basic buddy climb concept