FTC Team Arrowhead – Build Blog Week Two

Oct. 1

Receiving Kit Parts

Team Arrowhead received parts to build the final robot. Their first task to tackle was to sort through the kit to ensure that all of the parts listed on the list were there. 

Dividing and Conquering


Members who wanted to program went to the programming introduction and watched a video about ranchers (which connected to how Git works) in Mr. Wilmot’s classroom. The two programming leads guided the FTC members and helped them understand how GitHub and Git in general work. They also discussed the importance and meaning of ‘push’ and ‘pull’ in this introductory session.


The members who wanted to focus on the engineering aspect of the robot stayed in the Maker Space and continued separating the parts. After separating all of the parts and making sure that all of the parts listed on the parts list were available, the members refined the two prototypes. The programmers later joined the engineers to complete the final prototypes of both.

Final Prototypes

Wheel Input

The wheel input prototype essentially stayed the same, but since the group was done building, the member and the mentors added wheels that rotated with the help of a motor, which they received from the kit. To control the robot from afar, there were two phones: one on the robot and one in the hands of the driver. The mentors connected the two to make the driver be able control and drive the robot. 

The Wheel Input with a motor

Clamper Input 

The group building the clamper input still had to mesh idler gears that would make the two bigger sprockets turn opposite directions. The members finished the prototype, but the parts were attached very loosely, and the gears would often get stuck. While the clamper worked, the members hoped that the final product would be made up of parts that would be tighter. 

The Clamper Input Prototype

Maker Space left at 6:00 PM


Oct. 3

Dividing and Conquering


Members who wanted to program went to Mr. Wilmot’s classroom to download GitHub and Android Studio on their personal laptops. The two programming leads assisted the members. The leads also gave the members the ‘Joystick Problem’ which required the knowledge of a Unit Circle to solve. The members were successful to solve the problem. The members additionally learned that a programmer’s best friend is Google.

The Joystick Problem


The engineers planned on some aspects that they would like to add to the prototypes and discussed the PROS and CONS. 


Team Arrowhead decided to base their robot off of the wheel input and also adding a suction that would help grab the block, like a clamper. 

Maker Space left at 6:02 PM