FTC Team Tomahawk – Build Blog AML Meet I Reflection


During the day of our competition, we had played 5 matches. Out of which we had won 2 and lost 3. The Tomahawks had made an astounding world record during the course of the match in which we were paired with QuadX (Westlake). But, to our dismay we lost the world record to QuadX itself due to unintended penalty points.

After our first competition we have brainstormed some key elements in our robot that need to be revised:

  1. Replaced gear boxes with 20:1 ratio to make our robot faster.
  2. Have started working on a more efficient and sturdy wheel intake.
  3. Started to make our robot stand hits from other robots by putting on compact plexiglass.

During some of our matches we had noticed harsh interactions between robots. It had also damaged many elements on the robot like our servos as they weren’t capable of withstanding a forceful hit. 

To tackle this problem, we will be using motors (8nos) in every moving element of our robot. Thus, enabling us to be more efficient at the same time.

In all, we had done terrific for a rookie team but if we are able to successfully fix the problems above, the next competition we will be able to make it to state.