FTC Team Tomahawk – Build Blog Week Five

Brief Summary-

In the course of the past week, the Engineering teams and Programming teams have started building and programming key elements. The engineering team has started working on the wheel-intake that is used to lift blocks. While the programming team has programmed the drive controls for the robot.

Task – Engineering

During the past week, the engineering team has started working on the wheel intake of the robot. It will be the essential element that will enable us to pick-up and place blocks on the foundation. 

We have made adjustments to the wheels that will be placed on the intake.

We have also placed Expansion Hubs, Motors and batteries on the robot in order to have a dry-run to determine the robots maneuverability. The engineering team has also found a method to be able to open and close the wheel intake in order to hold onto the blocks using a servo. We have also been able to determine the various gears and belts that will be used to provide complete area for movement in the intake mechanism.

Task – Programming

In the last week, the programming team has been programming the steering, driving controls for the chassis. We have also set up the robot control and the diver station phones that will be used at the competition. The Expansion hubs have been set up for controlling the robots. Next week the programming team will be testing the movement of the robot.