FTC Team Tomahawk – Build Blog Week Four

Brief Summary-

The past week had only one meeting as it was a long weekend. The engineering team has created many essential action items to make the robot run and have a stable setup.

Task – Engineering

In the past week, the engineering team started developing the chassis of the robot required to be used in the competition. We have been able to install the Omni-Wheels motors and components. In addition to that we had also created a small base using poly-carbonate that has been installed to the robot to provide support to place batteries, phones to control and other equipment essential to run the robot.

We have also completed making a sample of the game element, the block and have started brain-storming on ideas for the capstone that will help us acquire bonus points during the event.

Task – Programming

During the past few meetings the programming team has developed an extensive understanding of multiple ways to control a robot. Now the programming team got the chance to apply that knowledge into code.

First, the programming team split into two teams in order to accomplish two tasks — configure the phone and program the H-Drive. The phone is a necessary and important part of the game which will also provide vital data during testing. Programming the H-Drive is needed in order to allow the robot to move in horizontal and vertical axes without the use of turning (although turning is possible).

During the programming of the H-Drive, the team had to choose method to implement it. It was decided that tank drive would be used and upon a button click the controls would switch to horizontal movement. Together with the phone configuration, motion of the robot has been nearly set up.