FTC Team Tomahawk – Build Blog Week One

Authored by Aaryaman Sawhney

Brief Summary –

In the past week we have started prototyping ideas namely the scissor lift and the pulley. Members have been divided into two groups respectively to be able to complete prototyping. 

Task – Scissor Lift:

The scissor lift has been successfully completed and the fact that the use of pneumatics is restricted the innovative idea of suspending it on a rod and moving it with a motor is a viable idea. The scissor lift reduces the chance of failure by providing two supporting mechanisms. The scissor lift is a tedious job as it requires precision that is top notch. 

Task – Pulley Lift: 

The pulley prototype is still being developed and is equally promising as it uses simple motors as a base. The pulley requires two motors in which, the failure in one motor could lead to complete failure of the robot, not being bias to any ideas but doing so helps make backup ideas and eliminate the risk of failure in any case.