FTC Team Tomahawk – Build Blog Week Six

Brief Summary-

During the last week, the Programming team has started building the code for key elements of the competition like the Auton, Wheel Intake, etc. While, the Engineering team has completed the elevator and is mid-way done with the wheel intake.

Task – Engineering

In the course of the last week, the engineering team has been able to complete making the elevator required to move the wheel intake or the mechanism used to lift and place blocks. The elevator is double-sided or will be placed on both sides of the robot to maintain stability. 

It has also been found that when placed on the robot, it exceeds the height limit by quarter of an inch. We are brainstorming ideas to cut out this problem.

The engineering team has also been working on the wheel intake that will be used to grip onto the block. We will be using a 3:1 ratio to maximise how far the mouth of the intake can be opened using a servo. We have made a rack and pinion from the VEX ROBOTICS kit which is the main component of opening and closing the wheel intake.

Task – Programming

During the last week, the programming team has gotten done with the driving code for our robot. We have also gotten done with the wheel intake, and elevator code. We have almost finished the Autonomous code that we will use during the competition. Next week we will plan to finish the Auton code as well as test out all of our code out on the robot.