FTC Team Tomahawk – Build Blog Week Two

Brief Summary-

In the past week, we have been able to accomplish the task of completing the prototypes namely the scissor lift, the continuous elevator and the wheel intake. And we have also decided upon the exact mechanism we will be using to lift blocks at the competition. The team has also been divided into two parts that namely for engineering(building) and programming.

The teams will respectively come up with ideas related to their own field like engineering will decide how the robot looks and the mechanisms used to move it. While programming deals with making the robot work

Task – Engineering

In the last week the engineering team has successfully been able to complete the prototypes of the continuous elevator, scissor lift and the wheel intake. They have also decided the elements that will be used to lift and place blocks. Through the process of fair voting they have been able to determine that the wheel intake will be used to both lift the block or take it in and place the block on top of the skyscraper. They have also come to the conclusion that this will be accomplished by the continuous elevator thus, eliminating the idea of the scissor lift. The wheel intake will be placed on the front of the continuous elevator and will move up and down with it to pick up and place the blocks. The engineering team has also started working on the chasey or the base on which the robot will function.

Task – Programming

The Programmer’s Whiteboard

The programming team has been able to successfully install Git and Android Studio over the past week. We also talked a little bit about how the robot’s control system, how Github and version control works, and the different ways to control a robot. Finally, we derived the equations for the left and right motors when given the x and y values of a joystick when the robot is in arcade drive.