15 weeks out of the year, the Westwood RoboWarriors work hard to create robots to meet goals through BEST and FRC competitions.

In the Fall semester of every year, we participate in BEST, a competition involving crucial skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, community Involvement, and creative engineering design to compete for the BEST Award, the most prestigious award to be received, along with trying to make our school desk sized robot stand out the most through creativity and crucial choreography to maximize point earnings. Learn more about the BEST competition here! or visit their website

The Spring semester, on the other hand is focused around the FRC competition, in which we build a robot around 3 times the size of our BEST robot to compete head to head with an alliance of 2 other teams against another 3 team alliance. We also focus on the Chairman’s award, the most prestigious award of the FRC competition, which recognizes the team that serves as the bet role model to other teams.

Check out what we do when we’re not in competition!