Engineering Design and Simple Machines

The Engineering Design process provides an outline for solving engineering problems like the BEST competition game. The process guides the analysis and evaluation of alternative designs and selection of the final design approach.
  Engineering Design
  BEST robots rely on many “simple machines.” The Engineering Mechanics document discusses the six types of simple machines and some applications.
BEST Engineering Mechanics
  The final topic is energy. Moving the robot and making the robot act on the field or game pieces requires energy. We have motors which are an obvious source of energy to move things. Another source of energy is potential energy.  Potential energy exists in a stretched spring, raised weight, inflated balloon, etc. The energy is used by releasing the spring, dropping the weight and so on. Since we have only four motors, we need to use potential energy and other “tricks” to make things happen. We need to analyze the necessary actions to determine how they can be combined and generated most efficiently.