FIRST Tech Challenge

General Description

FIRST Tech Challenge, or FTC, is our JV program at Westwood Robotics, open to Freshmen and Sophomores. Our fairly new FTC program began in 2019, and we’ve expanded from two teams to six in the span of two years.

Game Structure

At the start of each season, our team will be given a standard “kit of parts” and a set of rules to play a field game (with limited time). As FTC teams, we work during a 4-month period to build a robot capable of competing in that season’s game. Usually during the game, robots complete tasks such as scoring balls into goals, placing inner tubes onto racks, hanging on bars, and balancing robots on balance beams. While we are given a standard set of parts, we are also allowed a budget and are encouraged to buy or make specialized parts. Click here to learn more about the FIRST Tech Challenge.

Team Structure

We currently have 6 FTC teams, three operating from our in-school classes and three operating only after-school. Our teams include:

  • Westwood Arrowhead
  • Westwood Tomahawk
  • Westwood Boomerang
  • Westwood Atlatl
  • Westwood Hunga Munga
  • Westwood Slingshot

On our FTC teams, members are encouraged to do whatever interests them the most. Our sub-teams include:

    • Build & Design – Does the actual building of the robot.
    • Programming – Programs the robot (in Java), will have the opportunity to work learn about PID and vision processing
    • Computer Automated Design (CAD) – Collaborates with other members to CAD out the robot. Learns how to work with CAD Programs such as SolidWorks.
    • Electrical – Works with electronics that are on the robot
    • Corporate Marketing – Presents to corporations and organizations for funding, applies for grants
    • Engineering Notebook – Works on the team’s engineering notebook, an important component of the competition
    • Judges Presentation – Presents our efforts to a panel of judges
    • Outreach Team – Organizes outreach events and FLL/FTC Competitions that are held at Westwood Team
Dues for the team are $175.

Our Schedule:

Meetings are from 4:30 to 6:30 PM

Team Schedule soon to be decided