Operation Educate

2015 was a very big year for us. Our team underwent many structural changes and fundamentally changed our design process and the way in which we function as an organization.

However, this was just the tip of the iceberg. The RoboWarriors spent a lot of time in the summer of 2015 analyzing the past, looking at the state of things in the present, and planning for the future. In order to lead our team forward, we have started a new program called Operation Educate.

Basic Mission Statement: to hit the ground running

What, why and how:

In order to maintain a competitive edge in the ever-growing arena of high-school robotics teams, the RoboWarriors must invest in its resources. The best resource that any team has is not its finances, or its status within the school, but rather its students.

Every team is dependent on its members, and our best hope of remaining competitive is a well-rounded, knowledgeable team.

All teams have a gap of knowledge they must fill between the start of the school year and the first day of build season. Operation Educate will teach three basic components that all successful teams rely on: CAD, Programming/Wiring, and Theoreticals (applied math and science).

Although we want a competitive edge, we also want to abide by the spirit of Gracious Professionalism. We were very lucky to pull educational resources from other teams. All of our lessons are tailored specifically to BEST and FRC Competitions. We’ll be posting lesson plans and materials on the website as we teach them.