Our Community

The Westwood Robowarriors strive to provide a positive community impact on our future generations and encourage the principles of STEM which have greatly impacted our lives. STEM is a rapidly growing field that is dramatically changing the world towards the principles of it.

One of our biggest events is hosting the FLL competition, which works towards inspiring elementary and middle school students about the wonders and benefits of the STEM field. The competition consists of a unique game, designed to inspire the students, in which a robot must be designed to do specific tasks, robot judging, in which the teams are assessed by the different important aspects a robot requires such as: robustness, design, creativity and presentation, in which the team advertises itself and comes up with a way to and educate the judges in an entertaining way on a sub-aspect of the challenge.

Another approach we use to educate our community on the concept of our club is to do demonstrations of our FRC robot. We try to do these demonstrations at least once a month and the demonstrations serve to showcase the potential we all have in creative design and programming, along with exciting people of the wonders of STEM. The demonstrations have a wide audience, from elementary school students and teachers to college students and professors.

Through this community outreach, the Westwood Robowarriors hope to inspire the young minds that are our future.

Outreach Events History