Our Team

Team Values

Our team is more than just about building robots; we hope to inspire students through robotics to pursue science, technology, engineering, and math. We seek to close the gap between STEM and our community. As a team, we believe in Gracious Professionalism© through emphasizing the work of others and putting forward individuals and the community. The values highlighted in gracious professionalism; kindness, competition, empathy, and respect, apply not just in robotics, but in our educational careers and personal lives, so it is our responsibility to instill these values in our team members. Another key value is Coopertition© . Although coopertition may first seem like an oxymoron, coopertition allows us to show kindness and respect even in the face of fierce competition. In robotics, competition and cooperation go hand-in-hand in learning from and teaching our fellow team members, mentors, and even competitors. In addition, our team believes in the BEST Philosophy in which our team is a student-led and student-run organization. Student officers make all decisions regarding financing, structuring, planning, and building and students plan and create the robot from start to finish themselves. All work is done by students, with mentors and teachers serving integral, but auxiliary roles in our team. We hope to show that a robotics team led by students has the ability to succeed just as well as those in which leadership rests outside of the students’ hands. Through our team values, we have participated and hosted various community outreach events, reaching out to teams and the community in our area. Every year, our team hosts the regional FLL competition and showcases our robots in order to promote STEM.