• 2018 RoboWarrior Team


    2018 RoboWarriors Team


    2015 FRC Robot
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    2014 FRC Robot

Community Outreach

Westwood Robotics does a wide range of community outreach.

Our Competitions

Westwood Robotics participates in two competitions every year.

Our Sponsors

Westwood Robotics would not be able to run and work without the work of our sponsors

We are the Westwood RoboWarriors!

The Westwood Robotics team is made up of a diverse set of students all striving toward the same goal, to inspire new opportunities through technology.

Our team consists of students of all grade levels, from freshmen to seniors. Westwood Robotics members come from various backgrounds, and we are an ethnically diverse team.

Our members have a wide range of interests; including band, orchestra, dance, soccer, lacrosse, swimming and everything else in between. Our club is supported by a large parent network and mentor system. Our mentors and parents are more to us than just chaperones; they offer guidance and act as our support system and as instructors. To say the least, the Westwood Robotics team is a group of intelligent individuals with great potential.

But Westwood Robotics is not a team. We are a family. Many of our members see robotics as a second home, spending a majority of their time learning and working at robotics, while still managing to find time to do homework and persue their wide range of interests. Our members are not just devoted to building a functioning robot and winning awards. Those are by-products of the real goal behind our team – to introduce and immerse STEM principles into the future of our world – the next generation, while having fun in a safe manner.

Our competitions last approximately 15 weeks, and the rest of the year, we take what we produced in that 15 weeks and showcase it across our community. From events like the Austin Mini Maker Faire to demonstrations at local schools to participating in local activities, Westwood Robotics has a large presence in the community. No matter how big that presence is, we are always looking for opportunities to showcase our work and spread the ideas, so if you would like to request a demonstration or just want to discuss our club, please feel free to contact us.